This section of my website features the 5.5" dolls and fillies that were released by Bandai from 2003-2005.   It also features some dolls that were only released in Europe.
2003 Bandai 5.5"  dolls
2004 Bandai 5.5" dolls part 1 - this includes charm version, frutti cutie dolls, and denim days dolls
2004 Bandai 5.5" dolls part 2 - this includes island girls, berry special parties, talkin' giggle friends
2005 Bandai 5.5" dolls - this includes mermaid series, last series, berry special fashion friends, and talkin' giggle friends
2004 - 2005 Bandai Fillies - all fillies including the hard to find Blueberry Sundae