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Berrykin Note Pads - These items are not seen very often.
This is a berrykin hair tie that my good friend Dee gave me for Christmas. My Brazil Blowkiss is currently wearing it.
I purchased this Berrykin lip gloss at the 2006 SSC convention from the Earth Toy Mall. It has copyright info on the back but I don't think it was ever sold in stores.
Above is an up close image of the berrykin thermos which goes to the lunch boxes.
Orange and Strawberry berrykin ornaments - blueberry is missing
To the left is another Christmas present from my friend Dee.  On the far left is a blueberrykin sticker and to the right is a blueberrykin patch.  I just love both of these!!
Berrykin Watch
These are copies of blueberrykin and raspberrykin prototypes.  They are correctly sized and detailed but the colors are slightly different than the actual prototype.  I purchased these off of ebay recently.
These three pictures are from a product booklet.  This booklet only came with the Berrykin Princess not with the Berrykin dolls.  It is interesting because the one picture shows the characters as babies. They were never released but prototypes of the baby pets were made.  This bookelet came in a lot of stuff I won on ebay recently. It was a nice surprise. I did not know it was included in the lot.
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