Blueberry Muffin Minis And  Plush Pets
Blueberry Muffin came in 3 regular mins and 1 deluxe mini.  They are shown below.  The regular minis feature Blueberry with a basket, Cheesecake, and a hoe.  The deluxe mini features Blueberry and Cheesecake at the piano.  Also shown is the Blueberry Mini House.
This is a factory error mini. The card says Blueberry with a berry basket but she is actually holding a hoe.
This is one of the Japan minis.  They are made of more squishy material and are a little bit fatter than the regular minis.
Below are the vintage and current versions of Cheesecake the mouse plush pets.
The mini on the left is a first shot edition.  She is handpainted and does not have any copyright information on her.
This is the only Blueberry version of the berry cute girls I am aware of.
To the left is a prototype of piano that goes to the deluxe mini set. It is made of a resin like material and is fairly heavy.
Engineering Pilot of deluxe mini - also piano is first shot - no copyright info on back
Deluxe Mini Set from Japan - VHTF
This mini my husband found for me on ebay.  It looks to be homemade.
3 Stages of Blueberry Muffin Miniature House
Above is the very hard to find Blueberry Sundae  Pony.  This is the only version of this pony made by Bandai. Left to right - concept, prototype, and pre production - more info can be found on my prototypes page