New Brazil Dolls
This page contains all of the new style Brazil dolls produced so far by Estrela.  I think they are very cute and I like them almost as much as the vintage Brazil dolls.
To the right are 3 of the 4 Moranguinho dolls. We have SSC ballerina, SSC regular clothes, and SSC shopping.
On the left are two of my favorites - Iris Bela (rainbow) and Lourinha do Mar ( seaberry).
To the right is Hortelazinha ( Peppermint) and Biscoitinho ( Ginger Cookie).  Peppermint was never released in the US in this size.
To the left are my very most favorites - Uvinha ( Grape)  and Amora Linda (Blackberry).
On the right are Larnjinha ( Orange) and Limaozinho ( Lemon).
On the left is Macazinha ( Apple) and Moranguinho Sereia ( mermaid).
2006 Release - I call these the ice cream dolls since each comes with an ice cream cone.
Left to right - Lindinha Cerja (cherry), Floquinho de Neve ( frosty puff), Docinho de Maracuja ( lemon), Moranguinho Princesa (princess), Cachinho de Framboesa ( raspberry)
Left to right - Com cheirinho de Morango, Tangerina Tropical (tangerine),  Florzinha de Pessego ( tea blossom)
New version of the Brazil Tree Swing
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