Germany European Dolls Great Britain
The only real difference between the US dolls and the dolls from Great Britain are the shoes.  Blueberry is wearing SSC style Mary Janes.  Almond is wearing Blueberry Muffin style shoes.  Below are doll sets that were only released in Great Britain.
In Germany SSC is known as Emily Erdbeer.
To the right  is a hard to find flat hands Raspberry Tart. She came from a seller in France.  Her French name is Mousse Frambosie.  I believe she is authentic.  Her clothes are mint with perfect elastic and her head is very tight on her body.  Most dolls that have had their bodies switched have very loose heads.
In France SSC is known as Charlotte Aux Fraises.  Above also shown  is Chausson aux Pommes ( Apple Dumplin).
To the left is Macaron Mauve or Purple Pieman mini on the card.
Above is Angelique and Fruit Confit - Angle Cake and Souffle.
To the left is a picture of the back of Cindy Citroen's box.  I love the cartoon!
In the Netherlands Strawberry Shortcake is known as Charlotte Aardbei. Above is
Cindy Citroen ( Lemon Meringue).  Also, above is Appel Flapje ( Apple Dumplin).
In Spain SSC is know as Tarta de Fresa.  Once again the shoes are different.  Lime and Blueberry both are wearing the SSC style lace up shoes but Lime's are pink and Blueberry's are blue.  Lime's name in Spanish is Flan de Limon and Blueberry's is Mermelita de Mora.