My Favorite Collection Pieces
This deluxe mini was a Christmas 2004
1991 bake shop
The cookie jar was a 2007 Easter/birthday present
Berrykin Blanket
This deluxe mini was a Christmas 2003 gift
Berrykins puzzles, address book, and autograph book.
I spent my whole 2006 work bonus on  Peach  Blush Deluxe. Thanks to my boss Steve for that bonus!!
Below is a poster I believe came out of a Cheerios box.
This mini is the rarest thing I have from my childhood.
These tins are some of my most favorite items.  It took me years to find all six. These are some items I could never part with.
The above and below pictures show other items from childhood.
Hard to find motion lamp
I just love this juice set because it has Blueberry Muffin on the glasses.  This set has never been used.