The dolls released in Japan are very hard to find here in the US.  So far I only have one doll in my collection. What makes the dolls unique is that Lemon, Orange, and Raspberry were made with flat hands.  These dolls did not come with flat hands in the US.   Other differences include different eye paint and brighter hair.  Also, Japan had additional playsets that were not released in the US - please see product booklet below.
This is Raspberry flat hand doll from Japan.  I was lucky to find her in a lot of dolls I bought.
Here is my newest addition - very rare flat hand Orange Blossom from Japan
Here are front and back pictures of my Japan Huck mini.  Notice the different deluxe minis pictured.
To the left are pictures of the Blueberry Muffin house mini set.  The house is much much smaller than the US version.  Also, the house is cut in half  and has a large mirror, mailbox and little fence.
Below are pictures of the product booklet that came with my Lemon Meringue Doll. The first picture is the cover. Notice the adorable car!  Also, notice the tree swing. Japan also had the playsets that the US had including the snail cart and bake shop.