Mexico, Peru and Guatamala Dolls
In Mexico Strawberry Shortcake is known as Rosita Fresita.  Lily Ledy was the toy company that made the dolls.  I have recently started to collect this line of dolls.   The major differences in this line are - different tights ( the white stripes are thinner), slight clothing variations, and the bodies are made of a softer material and appear shinier. Also, some of the later dolls have extremely hard heads. Dolls do not have copyright info on the back of the heads but may have numbers imprinted.
Left to right - SSC (Rosita Fresita, both versions), Huck ( Juanito Frutin), Raspberry ( Martita Frambuesita), Angel ( Angelita Pastelita),  Apricot ( Susy Chabacanito), and Blueberry ( Anita Morita)
Left to right - Lime(Andrea Limita), Cafe (Carla Cafesito),  Mint (Mary Mentita), Orange (Adeiita Naranjita), Lem ( VHTF) and Crepe Suzette.
Left to right - Lemon ( Lucy Limoncito),  Apple ( Lupita Mananzita, and Almond ( Pepita Almendrita)
Above is Purple Pieman(Pasterloro Bigorton) and Sour Grapes ( Uva Argrita)
Playsets and Toys
Party Pleaser Angel Cake
Here is Figboot.   Unfortunately,  I don't know his name in Spanish.  Under his arm he has Made in Mexico on him.  He was a Christmas present from my wonderful friend Dee.
Left is a picture of the Mexican snail cart and on the right the Berry Bake Shop. Both are  exactly the same as the US version but the stickers are in Spanish as is the box and directions.
Peru Dolls
This is the only current Rosita Fresita doll I have.  She is sitting on a rocking horse.  Notice how pudgy she is!  She is very cute!
Guatamala Dolls
I don't know much about these at all.  I have been told that 3 rag dolls and 3 5.5" dolls were made.