2006 Spring Release - Flavor Swirl dolls - Tea Blossum, Frosty Puff, Lemon Meringue, Crepes Suzette, Raspberry Torte, and SSC
2006  Fall Release - Candy Pop dolls - Angel Cake, Blueberry Muffin, Rainbow Sherbet, SSC
2007 Release - Berries to Blossoms - Blueberry, Crepes, Lemon, SSC, SSC (missing Rainbow)
2007 Release - Beach Sweeties - Coco Calypso, Seaberry Delight, SSC, and Tangerina Torta
2007 Release - Winter Berry Twist - Apricot, Frosty Puff, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossum, SSC
2006 Release - SSC with pie cart, Lemon with Lemonade cart, and SSC with scooter
2007 Release - SSC with car, SSC with wave runner (htf - Canada stores only), and SSC with skimobile
2007 Release - Strawberry and Apple deluxe set and Cherry and Crepes deluxe set
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