This page features the prototypes in my collection.  Most of them are Blueberry Muffin related but I do have a few others.
This is the concept Blueberry Muffin mini house.  It looks kind of the like the SSC mini house.
The picture above from left to right shows Blueberry Muffin pre-production, prototype and concept mini houses.  I was able to purchase these items thru Kathy at the Earth Collectible Toy  Mall.  Thank you Kathy!
This is the inside of the concept house.  I just love the canopy bed.   Everything is handpainted.
This picture shows the inside of the prototype house.  Stickers are hand cut.  The accessories are made of a heavier material than plastic.
Inside of the pre-production house.  Stickers are printed but on a heavy paper.
This is a prototype of the piano that goes to the Blueberry Muffin deluxe mini set.  It is made of resin which is a lot heavier than plastic.
To the left is a prototype of the production version Cheesecake.  Cheesecake is made of  a very soft squishy material and is unpainted.
Above is the first shot production mini. Blueberry is handpainted and has no copyright information on her.
Berry Baby Furniture concept artwork.  This was never produced.  I don't know if a prototype was made or not. 
Blueberry Muffin deluxe Enginering Pilot - used to test packaging fit etc, piano is also a first shot ( no copyright info)
Custard unproduced baby pet.. very hard to find
Above  is a baby Cheesecake unpainted prototype.  Baby pets were never produced. They are so cute!
Purple Pieman story mini on card - SUPER RARE - looks like regular mini on outside and this is the inside